Time to hunt!

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As you all know, we introduced a donation goal, so that everyone can profit every once in a while of the server's prosperity. It has been decided that an event shall be hosted, and this time, the staff team has agreed upon hosting an easter egg hunt!

Here's how it works

Someday next week (exact date to be announced), we will hide some goodies in chests and cover them with colourful wool to indicate that it is in fact an easter egg that you can crack open. The contents of the easter eggs will vary from mildly useful to kinda really very good stuff. Also worth noting is that we're not going to summon the rewards in! They will be provided by means of vanilla survival.

Donor goals

The current goal will stay at € 40,- for a little while. The reason being I obviously didn't expect people to donate 40 euros within 24 hours time, so there's not really a lot of time to get this event started up. Of course, we will raise the goal soon once we have some fun ideas for the next event!


Happy early easter from RainbowVision!